Bringing Sheltered Yoga’s Curriculum to your facility/school

Direct Teaching

We will come to your facility as frequently as needed and teach our curriculum to your residents, students, staff, patients, or clients. The curriculum works with age groups spanning from Grade One through Senior Adult. We also have an add-on curriculum for Pre-K and Kindergarten age children that is very successful. When possible, we collect data via evaluation forms from the individuals and staff we serve. We report the outcomes of the analysis of this data to every facility in which we work. We will also specialize the curriculum so it works perfectly with the individuals you serve.


Training the Trainers

We will come to your facility and train staff, administration, teachers, etc. in Sheltered Yoga’s Curriculum through our two day intensive, or four half day intensives, or eight short workshops. Throughout the year you will be certified to implement our curriculum in your facility. As part of this certification you will have access to additional worksheets, updates, outcomes and reviews, maintenance and refresher workshops, and first access to new lesson plans and materials that will enhance your teaching experience. You will also have access to a members only login on our website that will offer webinars, additional information and downloadables, a teacher blog, and much more.

Please see the section on curriculum certification on the website,


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