Host Your Own Fundraising Event to Support Everyone that Sheltered Yoga Serves.

Are you a leader within your community?

Are you an altruistic yoga, mindfulness, or meditation instructor?

Are you a personal trainer that loves to give back?

Are you someone that loves children and wants to help them in any way you can?

Are you someone who believes that young adults, adults, and families living in poverty need a hand up?

Are you craving opportunities for civic engagement?


Then put on your creative thinking cap because Sheltered Yoga needs your help!

Host a fundraiser with your network of friends, colleagues, peers or family to benefit our little, but growing, organization. A wine and cheese gathering?  A night of fun and interactive lessons from Sheltered Yoga’s Curriculum? A yoga class with nosh at your home or office?  What can you think of?


Intrigued? Excited? Then please email Tina LeMar, Executive Director at  

We can’t wait to hear your fantastic idea!